Water Innovation Partners

Aquatec partners with Government, business & residential clients to deliver water & wastewater solutions for the long-term.

Water Innovation Partners

Our products are purpose-built for environmental risk management & customised to respond to the unique demands of any application.


Aquatec partners with Government, business & residential clients to deliver water & wastewater solutions for the long-term.

Our products are purpose-built for environmental risk management and customised to respond to the unique demands of any application. 

As an Australian owned company with over 30 years local and international experience, our service capabilities ensure that your asset is designed and delivered to exact specifications.

Together with ongoing technical support, accredited training, auditing and product warranties, Aquatec’s end-to-end service model provides a superior level of risk management and quality control.

A History of Design Innovation

Aquatec’s rich & vibrant history presents a series of world-class design innovations that have adapted to the changing demands of Australia’s water & wastewater industries.

From market demand for water reuse through to advancing safety, operational and environmental innovations, Aquatec leads Australia’s water and wastewater industries into a brighter, cleaner and more sustainable future.

Design Innovation 1985 - 1995

Australia’s first mould-formed Concrete Pump Station
Aquatec revolutionised the traditional method of manufacture for Concrete Pump Stations through the design of Australia's first mould-formed Concrete Pump Station.

This design innovation provides a longer life, meets AS3735/ AS3600 Australian Standards and incorporates an advanced sealing technique to guarantee an impervious watertight structure.

Unlike spun pipes, this design innovation guarantees a minimum cover from the inside wall to the reinforcement, ensuring long-term integrity of the Pump Station against corrosion from sulphide gases.

With this design, a batch of special grade concrete is used for the whole structure, ensuring consistency and conformity with Australian Standards.

The concrete is poured into a purpose-built mould and also forms the base and walls integrally to provide a steep 56º sludge batter - essential for solids removal during pumping.

Design Innovation 1990 - 1995

Re-thinking steel pipework for Australia's food processing companies
Aquatec were the first pioneers of polyethylene electro-fusion pipework for the return of water from cookers to cooling towers. 

As an advanced innovation for one of Australia's largest food processing companies, this concept has realised whole of life benefits by eliminating the ongoing corrosion, painting and maintenance of traditional steel pipework and is still in operation today.

Revolutionising Separate Valve Chambers
In the mid 1990's, Aquatec registered the design rights for Australia's first integral valve chamber design.

Based on our vast knowledge and experience with Pump Stations, Aquatec's Integral Valve Chamber continues to eliminate differential settlement and cracking pipework issues that present with separate valve chambers over time.

Design Innovation - Early 2000’s

The first Australian manufactured polyethylene chamber for wastewater
With the introduction of Pressure Sewer Systems to the Australian market in the early 2000's, Aquatec pioneered the first polyethylene chamber for the pressure sewer market.

Purpose-built for our diverse climate and terrain, our polyethylene chambers were the first to meet AS1546 with SAI Global accreditation.

Australia's first moulded inlet stubs
World-class polyethylene manufacturing enabled the introduction of Australia's first moulded inlet stubs, eliminating groundwater ingress and facilitating easy on-site connections.

Design Innovation - Mid 2000’s

Introducing Australia's first industrial grade pump for residential applications

A global search for market leading technology to lead the field in Pressure Sewer in the Australian market led to the introduction of Aquatec's SGPC Pump, a single-phase industrial grade pump for residential applications. Incorporated into the design of Aquatec's residential Pressure Sewer Systems, the SGPC Pump continues to outperform the functionality and lifespan of all other domestic pump alternatives.

Australia's first IP68 rated, fully submersible Pressure Sewer pump

Aquatec's SGPC Pump was Australia's first internationally rated IP68, fully submersible pump for pressure sewer systems. Designed to outperform dry well and semi-submersible alternatives, the SGPC Pump functions continuously through flood water, storm water or rain water ingress commonly experienced with dry well units, providing added safety protection against electrical faults, shocks and damages. With an International Protection Rating of IP68, the SGPC Pump continues to provide the highest levels of protection available today.

Design Innovation - Mid 2000’s

Introduction of the patented OGP+ Two-stage Centrifugal Pump (OGP+)

In response to the needs of the Australian market for a pressure sewer pump to handle larger flows from commercial and industrial sites, Aquatec assisted in the development of a 50HZ two-stage centrifugal pump for the Australian market.

Capable of handling higher flows while providing significant whole of life efficiencies, the OGP+ has set a benchmark standard in commercial and industrial pressure sewer systems. Featuring the International Standard IP68 Submersible motor, the OGP+ holds the highest level of protection on the market today.

Eliminating Quadplex Four Pump Configurations

With the introduction of the OGP+ Aquatec's commercial and industrial high performance pump options eliminate the need for Quadplex Four Pump Configurations.

Our culture of continuous innovation drives our approach to Pressure Sewer design, setting industry standards on whole of life costs while minimising our environmental impact.

Design Innovation - Early 2010’s

Treating Fats, Oils & Greases (FOG) with recycled wastewater
Aquatec's exclusive Water Spray Conditioning Unit recycles water in the wet well, eliminating the need for an external water source.

Currently in operation across some of Australia's largest Water Authorities, fats, oils and greases are now treated, removed and discharged with recycled wastewater, while simultaneously cleaning the pump station and reducing odours.

A shallow chamber design for adverse ground conditions & rocky terrains
Aquatec introduced the Enviroplex chamber with a unique shallow base for adaptability across adverse ground conditions and rocky terrains.

This design innovation was developed to ensure minimal disruption during excavation, reducing the depth of the cavity required prior to installation and therefore reducing the cost of the whole project. With a total volume of 900 litres, the Enviroplex chamber is engineered to retain 600 litres of storage above the high-level alarm, providing up to 48 hours storage for emergency responses.

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    Aquatec incorporates best practice technologies to maximise the functionality, value & lifespan of our products.

    Aquatec’s research and development group work alongside our global partners to analyse market trends and develop ongoing breakthrough advances in water and wastewater technology.

    From monitoring sewerage levels and odour to the remote management of water and wastewater assets, Aquatec incorporates best practice technologies to maximise the functionality, value and lifespan of our products.


    Innovation is pivotal in meeting the evolving demands of Australia’s water & wastewater infrastructure.

    Aquatec’s proactive approach to innovation is central to our company culture, embedded across our leadership and managed through a dedicated team of engineers, designers and technical consultants.

    With over 30 years experience in the changing trends and demands of our industry, Aquatec are uniquely positioned to innovate cutting-edge solutions.


    Aquatec organises community information sessions to educate local residents on the introduction of new water & wastewater infrastructure.

    Working in partnership with Government Authorities and private enterprises, Aquatec’s information sessions are unique to the needs of the client and community.

    From the replacement of septic tanks and the servicing of backlog areas, to the rebuilding of water and wastewater facilities devastated by natural disasters, Aquatec’s community information sessions are delivered with an open, accessible approach.


    Aquatec’s approach to safety is founded on one key principle – education.

    As accredited training providers, Aquatec delivers product training to installation and maintenance personnel, along with safe-use training for end-users on all aspects of the products we install.

    To ensure that all workers return home safely, Aquatec invests heavily in the training and equipment required to comply with WHS regulations.

    Accredited Training

    Aquatec offers accredited training for public & private organisations in the operation & maintenance of our Pump Stations & Pressure Sewer Systems.

    Ideal for contractors, existing personnel in need of additional assistance, or new personnel unfamiliar with installation, operational and maintenance requirements, Aquatec’s accredited training sessions are delivered by experienced staff and supported by comprehensive training and installation manuals.

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